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Radium Spins Off New Design Division

Leading digital effects studio Radium has launched a new design division. In addition to offering full CGI, editorial and visual effects services, Radium now has a complete design division with eight designers. The talent includes Tuesday McGowan, Sebastian Harms, Christopher Wargin, Melinda Tidwell, Lisa Overton, Lisa Berghout, Stacy Nimmo and Christopher Kirk. All of these artists are well versed in a variety of mediums such as broadcast, film, television and print design.

"While we've offered design capabilities in the past, the launch of this new division with these talented designers affords clients a wide variety of design styles, explains Jonathan Keeton, Radium co-founder and creative director. Our goal has always been to create the best work possible by integrating design with high-end visual effects tools. Now, no matter what the project, Radium can create a piece from beginning to end using the most advanced technology and the most talented people."

The new design division will be flexible in its approach to projects. With the diversity of background experience and the ability to work in many different mediums, the division will be able to apply a variety of techniques depending on what is best for the client. Clients can choose to have one designer or have several work together to create the optimum look for each piece. Radium then assembles the right team to strategize with clients and to help them achieve their design and branding goals. The designers have the unique ability to work in tandem with other Radium artists in the 3D department and with compositors, as well as work in After Effects.

The designers have contributed to high-profile projects such as Target QUILT, Progressive CHOICES, Macy's ONE AND ONLY ONE DAY SALE, Compaq GRADUATE and NO CATS and Polaroid INSTANT MOMENT.

Some of Radiums design clients include Doner Advertising, Petersen Milla Hooks, Publicis Hal Riney, Macy's Direct and Leo Burnett.

Radium ( is located at 321 11th Street in San Francisco and 720 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200, Santa Monica, California.