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Race Is On With SpyHunter 2

SPYHUNTER 2, a high-speed, mission-based, action/combat racing game from Midway Games is available for PlayStation and Xbox, backed by a mutli-million dollar marketing campaign. The original game, SPYHUNTER, has sold 1.6 million units worldwide.

The sequel in the saga to save the world from the sinister grip of the global criminal terrorist group, Nostra, features an all-new, extremely powerful and customizable G-8155 Interceptor with new vehicle transformations such as an off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle, an off-road motorcycle and a snow ski. Gameplay includes upgradable offensive and defensive weaponry, as players fend off enemy vehicles set across enormous regions.

Alec Sects, intertwined with a new mysterious female agent, must command the worlds most sophisticated super spy vehicle to save the world from an all-new terrorist threat. Exclusive weaponry such as an auto-tracking turret and an indestructible armored shield are combined with landmines and oil slicks for an impressive defense that will immerse gamers in 16 action-packed levels set across four gigantic regions. Each region is interactive and dynamic, allowing players to choose their own paths and fight against giant end-of-mission bosses, including eight all-new Nostra/Phoenix enemies equipped with cutting edge enemy Artificial Intelligence, which reacts to a players behavior. The Interceptor has an online computer, Leonie 2.0, designed to aid in mission-critical tactics and information. Players can customize the transformable vehicle with weaponry to suit their person style of play.

"The unique world of SPYHUNTER expands in SPYHUNTER 2, with an all-new devastatingly powerful and customizable G-8155 interceptor with brand-new vehicle transformations and the addition of a mysterious female agent," said Mark Beaumont, svp of entertainment, Midway. "We are excited that the gaming community fully embraced the last edition of SPYHUNTER and we are confident the latest iteration, SPYHUNTER 2, will be equally well received."

Universal Pictures has obtained an option to the rights to develop the SPYHUNTER videogame franchise into a major live-action motion picture. Universal has signed The Rock to portray Alec Sects, commander of the world's most sophisticated spy vehicle, the G-8155 Interceptor, with production likely to begin in 2004 with a summer 2005 release.

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