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Quiet Man Takes GE's Artica On A World Tour

Quiet Man has wrapped a new spot for General Electric's "Artica" refrigerator. The 30-second spot entitled "Artica" shows the new refrigerator in a field, a wine cellar and finally in a kitchen in various locations around the globe. "It was one of those jobs with a tight schedule," said lead visual effects artist Colin Stackpole. "But, it was surprisingly unproblematic, considering the conditions. First, we had to find stock footage over which to composite the refrigerator. By using locked off footage I wouldn't have to worry about changing angles or lighting as everything remains static. Most of what you see in three dimensions is essentially 2D. Then, using Discreet Logic inferno and flame, the refrigerator was added and color corrected to match each environment." In addition, Quiet Man's Eric Lampi of the 3D department created a CGI animated astronaut who walks on the moon next to the refrigerator. Produced for agency BBDO, Quiet Man's staff included Stackpole; visual effects artists Gregory Hische, Gloria Wong, Mindy Dubin, Christopher Coleman and Eric Lampi; producer Dave Moore; and executive producer Amy Taylor.