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Quiet Man’s Johnnie Semerad Stains GE Weathermate Ad

Quiet Man founder Johnnie Semerad handled the visual effects on the new GE Weathermate spot. Beneath the glow of fireworks, a group of workers applies GE Weathermate and a competing product to respective halves of the Atlantic City boardwalk. The next morning, the portion treated with Weathermate is ready for the crowds and the competitors half is still wet and fuses a boys sandals to the wood. "The first thing we had to do with the Weathermate spot was add fireworks and enhance the background," says Semerad. "Then we augmented the crowd to make it look like those you see in Atlantic City. What's more, the sky was pretty cloudy on the day of the shoot, so we replaced it with a nice blue sky. In each case, we used Inferno to get the job done." The spot was produced for New York-based ad agency BBDO.

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