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Quiet Man Raps On Barrons Ad

QUIET MAN raps on the newest Barrons spot. The visual effects driven spot, entitled "What's Coming," was filmed almost entirely on a bluescreen, which remains visible, mimicking the colors of the Barrons' logo. The spot begins with a man standing with his face buried in a copy of Barrons. Without lifting his head, he takes out an umbrella right before rain begins to fall. After the rain stops, the man takes a step to his left just avoiding a grand piano crashing down on the spot where he was just standing. Still reading, he holds out his hand and catches a falling Venus De Milo statue, as the voice-over comments, "Ever wonder how some investors always seem to know what's coming? Barrons, it's how money becomes wealth." The commercial was directed by Jesse Dylan of Straw Dogs, Los Angeles and produced for ad agency Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, New York.

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