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Quiet Man Plucks Penguin Striptease For Pepsi

Quiet Man unzipped the tuxes of some penguins for a new Pepsi ad "Zoo," which introduces new lemon-flavored Pepsi Twist (currently being test marketed in Texas and Minnesota), and has some plucky penguins strip down to their Speedos to take a cooling dip in a pool. Quiet Man creative director and the spots visual effects director Johnnie Semerad used Discreet Logic Inferno software to remove the black from the penguins' bodies, and tack on new arms to allow the movements of a simulated striptease. "The key was to determine how to make the penguins look naked," said Semerad. "We decided their black feathers differentiates penguins from other animals so we removed them. There were lots of little details involved. First, we took off the penguins' black suits, then we tracked on new arms. Finally, we composited in different colored Speedos. My favorite is the leopard skin Speedo." Straw Dogs Jesse Dylan directed the live-action footage. The spot was produced by advertising agency BBDO, New York.

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