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Quiet Man Launches Design-Driven Grasshopper

New York-based visual effects studio Quiet Man launched Grasshopper, its artist-run, design-savvy sister unit. Grasshopper is located adjacent to the Quiet Man studios, and specializes in original design and visual effects. Combining design skills with technical know how, the artists of Grasshopper seamlessly bring together animation and compositing to create design-driven visual effects.

The brainchild of Quiet Man co-founders Johnnie Semerad and Amy Taylor, Grasshopper will be helmed by creative director/director Mindy Dubin. Grasshopper brings a new breed of design-intensive creative skills to commercial, feature film and music video projects. Grasshopper will strive to move into alternative creative ventures, including spots work, title projects for feature films and broadcast, opening title sequences for TV shows and other creatively-driven work.

Mindy and I are two different artists. Shes shown her ability to lead and run the show, commented Semerad. This is Mindys opportunity to run a company that reflects her aesthetic talent and skills. Shes got the whole package. It was only a matter of time before she was running her own company and the time is now. As an artist we are growing with her and not without her.

Grasshopper has a string of upcoming projects already lined up, including design work for the Horror Channel, and the opening sequence for a network TV show.

Grasshoppers goal is to develop stellar creative content. With the formation of Grasshopper, we are evolving Quiet Man, and branching into a realm of visual effects where design, animation and compositing will attain new levels," said Dubin. "Quiet Man has built an outstanding reputation for eye catching, photorealistic compositing and effects. Grasshopper will take a direction that is less concerned with reality and more focused on pushing the boundaries of art, animation and design.

Mindy will collaborate with lead designer Jason Sienkwicz and exec producer Amy Taylor. They have worked together on a wide range of projects at Quiet Man.

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