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Quiet Man Bounces 3D Chips For Doritos

Quiet Man created the chip bouncing effects in the new Doritos commercial featuring Miami Heat basketball point guard Tim Hardaway. Phalana Dias was the lead visual effects artist on the spot. Entering a corner store, Hardaway is observed by an awestruck young fan, who watches the star purchase a bag of Doritos 3Ds, a new pyramid shaped chip. Following Hardaway into the street, the pair engages in a trick-shot-type competition, using chips instead of basketballs. "For Dorito's 3Ds, the chips were shot on rigs in the studio," explained Dias. "The 3D [animated] chips had to be convincingly composited and realistically animated. Our goal was to animate the chips with good speed and energy. All the chips were cut out, rigs removed, then animated coming in and out of the scene. There was also sky replacement. The overall color correction came out really well." The spot was produced for New York-based ad agency BBDO.

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