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Quebec Animation Adds Oscar Winner

Quebec Animation, an alliance of animation companies in Quebec, announced that Oscar award-winning Productions Pascal Blais has joined the group. Productions Pascal Blais THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA recently won the Oscar for best animated short. Formed in 1999, the organization highlights the creativity and mastery in animation and visual effects of its members, while each company stands as an independent entity. "The rise of Montreal as an internationally recognized shooting center in the past ten years has been impressive," said Pascal Blais, President of Productions Pascal Blais. "What's not as well known is that Montreal is emerging as one of the animation capitals of the world in both technology and talent. What our industry has been missing so far has been a means to pool our resources and increase our visibility on an international scope. Québec Animation is filling this need. The corporation is in fact playing a pivotal role in organizing our industry and showcasing our proven expertise and excellence in animation and visual effects to a global audience." Currently, Michel Desjardins president of Buzz Image Group, a member of the alliance, heads Québec Animation.

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