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Qi Commercials & Golden Square Post Launch Digital Production Operation

Baggy Shorts, a dedicated portfolio of directors with digital production skills and a satellite of Qi Commercials, and Disqo, a division of Golden Square Post Prod., have formed an affiliation with the aim of offering creative and production expertise in the digital arena.

Stephen Gash, co-founder Qi Commercials, said, It seemed to us that a production company linking itself with a facilities house was a sensible approach to help agencies unravel production problems that will be unique to the digital platforms. A 'one-stop shop' such as ours can benefit companies where there may be limited production experience in-house and an extra level of support is required. Not everything that Baggy Shorts shoots will go through Disqo and, by the same token, not everything that Disqo post-produces will come from Baggy Shorts. Ewan MacLeod, co-founder of Golden Square, adds, Until recently digital agencies didnt require the services of a 'production company' since any rich media content could just about have been generated in-house. This is changing as clients are asking more of their online marketing, in the face of competitors who have raised the creative bar, and consumers are demanding more interesting content thanks to the meteoric growth of the video-sharing, 'clip-culture' sites. It seemed to us that no one in the traditional commercials production community was offering to service this need. Golden Square Post will however continue to work on commercials and Disqo will offer the same high standard as our existing clients receive.

The aim is to facilitate an anticipated increasing volume of moving image content developed by digital agencies. In the short term, Disqo is looking to service this work within the structure at Golden Square in a way that is sensitive to clients budgetary and time constraints. Golden Square has the required design expertise and technical backup as its design department works regularly alongside agency creatives developing creative briefs and title sequences using the same software as digital agencies.

Gash and MacLeod felt that there were a number of drivers in the digital market that would create a demand for an entity such as Baggy Shorts and Disqo, including increasing broadband access, faster Internet connectivity and the availability of faster and cheaper computers. Subsequently the duo sees that digital agencies should be looking to take the Internet from a publishing, page-by-page medium to a broadcast and moving-image oriented platform.

Baggy Shorts and Golden Square have already collaborated on the COI Child Protection Agency for digital agency Profero a recent Campaign Pick of the Week.

Qi Commercials ( is co-owned by Stephen Gash and John Lloyd. It is under the umbrella of QiCommercials that Baggy Shorts exists. QiCommercials has four directors of its own and is a small but busy and vibrant production company.

Ewan MacLeod, Phil Gillies, Alan Young, Brian Stephens and Harry Jarman founded Golden Square Post Prod. in 1999. Over the last seven years Golden Square has built up a reputation for delivering work of the highest quality and their team of award-winning editors and visual effects artists have worked on high profile campaigns which include Orange, Nike, Sky, Coca-Cola and HSBC as well as promos for Chris Cunninghams Aphex Twin, Artic Monkeys and KT Tunstall. For more details, visit

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