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QEDSoft To Support Kaydara FBX Format

QEDSoft's QEDStream product line now natively supports the Kaydara FBX format. QEDStream users are now able to read FBX files, simplifying their production pipeline and enabling Web-content creation from the Kaydara suite of real-time 3D authoring tools. Designed to provide an authoring hub between major 3D packages, FBX provides a centralized working file format for vendors wishing to acquire, author and retarget 3D data and animation. "Using FBX and QEDStream in combination provides a superb channel for streaming both current and legacy content on the Web," said Michel Veys, COO of QEDSoft. "Supporting this format will allow our clients to quickly and easily transfer their data to the Web from any number of sources and re-use data that is already targeted for other productions." The FBX format natively supports data structures from Maya, Lightwave, 3D Studio MAX and SOFTIMAGE|3D, as well as external links to video and audio elements. Using the QEDSoft suite of products, FBX content can be easily targeted for Web streaming, providing high quality interactive 3D animation.