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Pulse Veepers 3.0 Features Automated Lip-Synching

Interactive media technologies developer Pulse has incorporated ProductionSync and InstantSync, from California-based Automatic Sync Technologies, into Pulse Veepers 3.0, the latest version of Pulse's virtual character creation software. With ProductionSync and InstantSync technology, interactive 3D characters created in Pulse Veepers instantly include full lip-synchronization functionality. Information entered via audio (or converted to audio using the text-to-speech support found in Veepers) is processed by the ProductionSync and InstantSync components, which then automatically drive the character's lips to deliver the information realistically. No manual animation of the character's mouth movements is necessary, and the lip-synching can be further refined using "transcript assistance" found in Veepers, whereby a text version of the spoken audio helps dictate the realistic lip movements of the character. For more information about Pulse Veepers, visit