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Pulse Animation Gets In Sync

San Francisco-based interactive 3D media provider Pulse has incorporated the ProductionSync and InstantSync technologies from Automatic Sync Technologies into their Pulse Animation Studio v. 5.03. ProductionSync is used in the Pulse Creator module as an off-line animation tool. Speech is converted into animation as a production step that an animator can then enhance with expressions, gestures and behaviors. InstantSync is used in the Pulse Player to animate a face in real-time in response to the speech, which can either be downloaded or streamed to the player via streaming audio. Pulse is best known for bringing Kermit the Frog and the Muppets to life, and their technology has been used to animate such well-known characters as Marvin the Martian, Shrek and Barbie.

Messiah Blesses Oscar-Nominee Jimmy Neutron. project:messiah v.1.5, pmG Worldwide's 3D animation plug-in, was used to create virtually all of the character animation in JIMMY NEUTRON:BOY GENIUS, one of three Oscar nominees in the category of Best Animated Feature Film. project:messiah was the first 3D program built from the ground up for animators and artists. The program's creators (and pmG partners), Dan Milling, Lyle Milton and Fori Owurowa, spent five years collecting the wish lists of animators worldwide. "We are thrilled to see JIMMY NEUTRON receive an Oscar nomination," said Milton. "It's exciting to see a multi-million dollar CGI feature animated with a $695 program, and it justifies all the work and effort we put into creating project:messiah." In other pmG news, the company's new production suite messiah:studio (currently available in advance release) is scheduled to ship in spring 2002. Combining a 3D animation program, a renderer and a developers' kit that allows animators, studios and third-party developers to create their own extensions and plug-ins, messiah studio will be available for a suggested retail price of US$1795.

Heather Kenyon visited the project:messiah Group, creators of 3D animation's newest leading software package, that was created from the ground up to fill both studio production and animators' artistic needs.