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Pukka Launches Pukka Post & Pukka Web

Pukka recently launched Pukka Group, a company that will be divided into three subsidiary companies: Pukka Films, Pukka Post and Pukka Web. The group's headquarters will be located in the new Portland Mews building (UK), which has just undergone a £1 million (US$1.47 million) refurbishment. Containing the latest in post-production equipment, Pukka will deliver integrated digital media solutions to its clients - producing, editing, packaging and distributing video, film or new media product in the corporate, broadcast and feature markets. Pukka Post is equipped with Avid, Jaleo, Digi and DS suites, streaming video and DVD production facilities. Pukka Web will stream high-quality video via Pukka.TV both independently and on behalf of clients. Pukka Films develops and produces broadcast programs and feature films. This side of the business is currently developing a slate of 21 films for theatrical release through two new producers.