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Psyop Creates A Wonderverse for Oreo

In Bedtime, Psyop looks through the whimsical eyes of a young girl as she wards off sleep for Oreo.

Bedtime — that part of a child’s day for relaxing, getting comfy and setting sail into dreamland. Some nights, however, are easier than others.

Psyop and The Martin Agency came together with Smuggler on this nostalgic spot for Oreo, letting viewers see the world through the whimsical eyes of a young girl as she wards off sleep.

“We wanted all the inconsistent but endlessly fascinating actions and imagination of children to come through — fits, cuddles, deviousness,” commented Psyop Creative Director, Todd Mueller.

The story follows our pint-sized hero’s imagination through different scenarios she and her dad could have if he would only let her stay up for a cookie or two. Live action grounds the scenes in a cinematic reality while overlaid typography and illustration visualize the imaginative elements of her song.

“I have a six-year old son and working with an actor the same age was really familiar and fun,” said Psyop Creative Director, Kylie Mautlick. “The sincerity of Oreo’s message was uniquely special and we were able to capture some very natural, genuine moments in camera.”

Executing an even balance between the live action and animation was key during production and post. Working with The Martin Agency and Creative Director Jorge Calleja, Psyop blended natural lighting and simple but imaginative animation for a smooth and playful piece.

Source: Psyop