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Psyop Creates Powerful Ad for Origin

Psyop debunks the mystery of where electricity comes from and gives viewers a look into The Unknown in a new spot for Origin.

Psyop connected with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne on this powerful spot for Origin, debunking the mystery of where our electricity comes from and allowing viewers a special look into The Unknown.

In the commercial, a camera sweeps viewers through a world behind a simple wall, from one power source to the next, pausing on whimsical vignettes briefly before following the energy stream on to another universe.

“We wanted that feeling when you’re growing up and you think there are tiny workers with buckets pouring the water out of your faucet,” noted Psyop Director Fletcher Moules, “that feeling that something magical is hidden around every corner. The spot encapsulates this with a stylish, modern look but still has that kernel of joy and wonder.”

Tasked with designing the overall look for each vignette, Psyop found the perfect lighting balance and created the self-illuminated characters to imaginatively communicate the spirit of electricity. Visual metaphors — fighting magnets and busy water mills — relate how each environment is electrically connected, while the characters’ design, personalities and actions show how Origin customers can control their energy use.

“It was really rewarding to have had a lot of artistic freedom when creating our original sketches,” exclaimed Psyop Director Georgia Tribuiani. “The script was straight up fun animation and design, and it set the project down a great path for us.”

Source: Psyop

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