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Psyop Creates New Open for TED Talks

Psyop creates a new pre-roll for TED Talks, which conceptualizes and brings to life the animation of the TED logo.

Psyop collaborated with TED on the new preroll for TED Talks — the highly celebrated videos that share ideas worth spreading — conceptualizing and bringing to life the animation of TED's logo that appears before each presentation. 

“TED and Psyop wanted to convey, ‘What happens when you free an idea from its silo and release it into the world?’” said TED’s Director of Film + Video, Michael Glass. “We wanted the video to share the experience of seeing an idea take on a life of its own as it is shared from one person to another to another to another.”

The project’s initial brief focused on using a “ripple” to convey the communicative nature of the TED Talks.

“We based our concept on the birth of a single light, separating and multiplying, and radiating new points of light that each represented a new idea,” commented Psyop Creative Director, Jon Saunders.

Psyop wanted to propose the existence of worlds within worlds, where one idea could contain an entire universe of other ideas.

“We wanted to bring the final moment of the opener into a enigmatic realm,” added Psyop Creative Director, Laurent Barthelemy. “Our approach explored how rich experiences and creative thoughts parent original ideas that grow and take other forms.”

The opening sequence, which now has over 3,500 likes on the TED Facebook page, was first released on March 22 and is currently live on TED Talks. To date, more than one billion TED Talks have been viewed around the world.

Source: Psyop

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