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Psyop Creates Delicious Spot for McDonald's McFlurry

Psyop partners with TBWA Paris and Quad’s Wizzdesign to create ‘Le Manege,’ a whimsical spot for McDonald’s McFlurry.

Quad's Wizzdesign partnered with New York-based Psyop to indulge in ‘Le Manege,’ a whimsical spot for McDonald's French market. Working with TBWA Paris to create four appetizing worlds of wonder, this mouth-watering adventure takes viewers into the creamy, candy-charged universe of the McFlurry.

The camera glides from one world to the next as each busy scene unfolds, showcasing the McFlurry as an ever-present symbol of flavor, satisfaction and community.

“Having a McFlurry is about pure joy and happiness. We wanted the worlds to feel full of wonder and imagination but still really fun and silly for everyone who watched,” said Psyop Creative Director Anh Vu. 

The fantastical settings are infused with lush textures and rich colors, filled with dynamically lit environments and whimsical characters who are hard at work but still having a blast. 

“We were given a lot of creative freedom which made the whole team really enthusiastic about this spot,” commented Psyop Creative Director Laurent Barthelemy. “Both Anh (Vu) and I are French so creating this project for the French market was very exciting for us.  And partnering with Wizz made it even more fun”

Known for their ability to create unique worlds and the characters that inhabit them,  Psyop was able to design four worlds and 35 characters in just three weeks.

Wizzdesign brought the project to life and oversaw the production process in Paris with Digital District.

Source: Psyop

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