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Pseudo: Another Dotcom Downfall

On Monday, September 18, 2000, Pseudo Online Network closed down its operations, making the newest dotcom downfall. The Website had laid off 58 employees earlier this summer, which was roughly 25% of their workforce. The site originally ran as separate channels with original interactive content, however the Netcaster recently changed to one central channel broadcasting shows from 2 pm to midnight. Pseudo's big claim to fame was their extensive coverage of the U.S. Republican National Convention with 360º camera views of the convention floor. However, the channel didn't garner the viewers to keep up the same coverage for the Democratic Convention two weeks later. Jupiter Communications co-founder Josh Harris founded the company. Pseudo spokeswoman Jeanne Meyer said, "We ran out of money, it was that simple." As early as last week, the dotcom was looking for investors or possible buyers, but after no avail the Website decided to close its doors with only a few weeks of operating cash left. Though the site was mainly live-action content, its demise adds one more casualty to the precarious Internet content industry.

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