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Protozoa will produce a new real-time 3D animation series

Protozoa, a leading real-time 3D character animation studio, is producingBBC Choice's new breakthrough kids series, THE DOG & DINOSAUR SHOW. Inproduction now, Protozoa, which did the real-time motion-capture animationfor live TV show guest appearances by M&M's Crispy character (Will VintonStudios created and animates the CGI character in the live-actioncommercial campaign), will produce 26 segments of the show using itsproprietary performance animation software, ALIVE. Asked why he choseperformance animation as opposed to traditional animation or other CGformats, BBC Choice Producer Jeremy Daldry said, "We're trying to build ananimation presence on a channel that doesn't have one. Performanceanimation allows that because it is amazingly inexpensive. We have producedin one day what normally takes one month." THE DOG & DINOSAUR show featuresreal-time animated hosts, Dog and Dinosaur, who interview celebrity guestsfrom the world of pop music, television and entertainment. The interviewsare combined with film and music reviews.

For an in-depth look at both Protozoa's amazing work, and their successfulphilosophy, read "Puppetology: Science or Cult?" by Brad deGraf and EmreYilmaz in the February 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.