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PRoGRESS Speeds Up New Cisco Campaign

PRoGRESS provided design solutions for the new faster-paced Cisco ad campaign. The four spots share the common theme of the Internet being a tool that can help businesses overcome obstacles to their growth. PRoGRESS used type animation as a metaphor for Cisco being the bridge spanning the digital divide. In the opening of each spot, digital information travels along a glowing blue digital line in the center of the screen and then a computer carat wipes the information away leading to the next scene. "Hotel" then presents a real-time tutorial with streaming video and 3D illustrations. "Real Estate" offers hassle-free online shopping with an animated gift box closing and being tied with a bow. "Call Center" highlights customer service with interactive real-time chat between the customer and the customer service representative. Finally, "Factory" shows how inventory management is changed by databases on the Web. PRoGRESS used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects to create the graphics. The production team consisted of creative director Christopher Wargin, designers Chris Do and Christopher Wargin, animators Chris Do and Mark Kim and producer Richard Delossa.

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