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Production I.G. Launches New Website

One of Japan's top animation studios, Production I.G., has launched a new English-language Website as part of an international campaign aimed at raising people's awareness of anime, and introducing the works and history of Production I.G. The new site includes news, updates, detailed descriptions and pictures from past I.G. films as well current projects. The studio is currently in production on two shows: LOVE HINA, which debuted on home video February 19, 2002 from Bandai Entertainment and FLCL which is co-produced and distributed by Synch Point and will be available on home video in March 2002. Production I.G is the creator of such films as GHOST IN THE SHELL, JIN-ROH: THE WOLF BRIGADE and the Annie Award-nominated, BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE. Their Website is located at

Fred Patten describes the production process and story building techniques used to create BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, where digital imaging has definitely added impact to the animated horror's reality.