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Production To Begin On Lady Death

ADV Films is bringing Chaos! Comics' LADY DEATH to life. Artists at SunMin Image Pictures in Asia under the supervision of director Young H. Sang will be animating the digital feature, based on Brian Pulido's original story. Set in 15th century Sweden, a wrongly accused young woman named Hope is sent to Hell where she is transformed into Lady Death and forced to battle Lucifer in his own domain. Executive producer and ADV co-founder John Ledford hopes to create a new production model with LADY DEATH that redefines the relationship between Asian animation studios and Western creators. While creative elements such as design and storytelling are the domain of domestic talent and offshore "boutique" animation houses will handle animation production services, "This is not an attempt to clone animé production techniques but rather a genuine effort to develop a new working relationship that respects the various talents of the entire creative team," said Ledford. Korean-based SunMin Image Pictures previous work includes BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES for Warner Bros. and GARGOYLES, TIMON & PUMBA, 101 DALMATIONS and HERCULES for Walt Disney Television.