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Primetime Toons All Stay Strong

Moving up to 33rd, THE SIMPSONS secured a 5.5 rating/10 share. KING OF THE HILL was crowned in 60th place, garnering a 4 rating/8 share. Holding steady at 66th, FAMILY GUY grabbed a 3.7 rating/6 share. The traditionally high-ranking SIMPSONS Wednesday special only scored 76th place with a 3.4 rating/7 share. Jumping up a slot to finish 77th, FUTURAMA forged a 3.2 rating/6 share. The U.S. universe estimate used for calculating ratings for the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, UPN, PAX and WB) is equal to 100% of all TV households. Beginning with the week of September 4, 2000 the universe estimate is 102.2 million TV homes. Each rating point represents one percent of that universe, or 1,022,000 TV homes. Let's assume, hypothetically, that a recent movie on a broadcast network drew a 14.1 rating. That rating is projectable to approximately 14.4 million homes.

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