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Primetime Emmys See Some Surprises

On July 20, 2000, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences released its primetime Emmy nominations with FAMILY GUY receiving two nods, more than any other animated series. Edgy humor has long hampered GUY. Yet, the Academy looked past all the turmoil and gave the series nominations for outstanding animated program for one hour or less for the "Road to Rhode Island" episode and an outstanding music and lyrics nomination for the song "We Only Live To Kiss Your Ass" from composer Ron Jones and lyricist Chris Sheridan. The four other nods for outstanding animated program for one hour or less went to MTV DOWTOWNs "Show 11," THE POWERPUFF GIRLS "Beat Your Greens/Down N Dirty," THE SIMPSONS "Behind The Laughter" and SOUTH PARKs "Chinpoko Mon." In the special effects field, STAR TREK VOYAGERs "Life Line" and "The Haunting of Deck 12" episodes, STARGATE SG-1s "Nemesis," and THE X-FILES "First Person Shooter" and "Rush" all received outstanding F/X for a series nods. For special effects in a miniseries, movie or special, the nominations were given to THE 72ND ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS "Billys Film," AFTERSHOCK: EARTHQUAKE IN NEW YORK: PART 1, JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS: PART 2, THE MAGICAL LEGEND OF THE LEPRECHAUNS: PART 1 and WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. The Discovery/BBC dinosaur nature doc was the true toon titan, receiving a total of five nominations. In the outstanding animated program more than on hour category, nominations went to WALKING WITH DINOSAURS and Foxs OLIVE, THE OTHER REINDEER. WALKING also racked up nods for picture editing, sound editing and sound mixing. Discoverys other prehistoric special, RAISING THE MAMMOTH, also received nomination for picture editing, sound editing and sound mixing plus one for cinematography. Outstanding Childrens Program nods went to HBOs GOODNIGHT MOON AND OTHER SLEEPYTIME TALES, CBS HERES TO YOU CHARLIE BROWN: 50 GREAT YEARS! and Nickelodeons THE RUGRATS. Outstanding main title design nominations went to NATURE, NOW AND AGAIN, THE 10TH KINGDOM and THE WEST WING. Yesterday, the Academy released the individual achievement in animation awards, which went to GOODNIGHT MOON AND OTHER SLEEPYTIME TALES production designer Maciek Albrecht, THE PJS art director Nelson Lowry, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS art director Don Shank and FUTURAMAs color stylist Bari Kumar. The other animation awards will be handed out August 26, 2000 during the Creative Arts Awards portion of the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The main awards ceremony will be held September 20, 2000 at 9 pm (EST), broadcast on ABC and Webcast on iCast.

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