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Prime Focus Wins Filmfare VFX Award

Prime Focus won the prestigious Filmfare award for Best Visual Effects for its work on Bollywood sci-fi movie LOVE STORY 2050. The award was given to Merzin Tavaria, creative head for VFX/Animation at Prime Focus and vfx supervisor on LOVE STORY 2050 at the 54th Filmfare awards night held in Mumbai on February 28, 2009.

LOVE STORY 2050 is by far the most ambitious VFX film produced in India to date, and features more than 1,200 VFX shots. This was also the first Indian movie to adopt the Hollywood model of using multiple post houses, with Prime Focus as the lead facility. The movie involved use of every trick in the vfx book -- from basic TV screen composites to high-end photorealistic CGI such as the creation of a 2050 Mumbai cityscape, flying cars, a flying bike chase through CG high-rise buildings, and a climactic fight sequence between the protagonist and the villain on the top of a 200-story building.

Prime Focus has previously won the 2009 FICCI BAF award for Best VFX Shot of the Year, and the 24fps Award 2008 for Outstanding Contribution to Visual Effects for its work on LOVE STORY 2050, which is well on its way to becoming the most decorated film release that Prime Focus has worked on.