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Prime Focus Provides 3D Conversion for Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity'

Prime Focus World provides 3D conversion for the live action elements of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity.

Prime Focus World announced that it is the exclusive 3D conversion partner on Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s highly-anticipated, long-awaited, space-based thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The Children of Men director has been hard at work on the movie for a number of years, and PFW has been involved since 2010 on what has been the most detailed and sophisticated conversion show the company has completed to date. Approximately 70% of the film was VFX stereo rendered by primary VFX vendor Framestore, and 30% was live action and VFX converted by Prime Focus World, the only company to deal with live action elements. 

London was the lead PFW HUB for Gravity, working closely with the View-D roto and paint artists in Mumbai to produce a conversion that was complex, both creatively and from a production management point of view. Under the creative supervision of Richard Baker, and with production management headed up by Matthew Bristowe, the View-D team delivered all of the live-action conversion shots - 85 shots / 27 minutes of converted footage - for the stereo 3D movie.

Source: Prime Focus World

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