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Primal Screen Designs for Sundance & SAG

Primal Screen recently contributed work to The Sundance Film Festival as an Official Provider as well as a spot for the SAG Awards.

This marks the third year in a row the Atlanta-based studio has been chosen by the Sundance to collaborate on various design projects. This year's work includes two ambient films, which play before every screening, and title packages for the Web-based Live@Sundance, Meet The Artist and the Short Film Series.

In each case, Primal Screen used fire as a metaphor for inspiration and creation. These flames do not cause things to burn. Instead, they glow independent of their negative connotations.

Primal Screen took two different aesthetic approaches to the ambient films. FIREPLAY juxtaposes a roiling wall of flame with a dancing ribbon of blaze. In SPARK CITY, tiny imps of flame indulge in the many earthly delights that await festival-goers, including screenings, junkets, parties, deals and more.

For the titles packages, Primal Screen's artists created worlds of flame and spark that move and stop as if they are alive. The images call to mind the vastness of the universe or the tininess of atoms.

Work created for the festival was adapted to show on screens as wide as the theater's or as small as an iPod's.

For TBS' 2007 SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, which will take place on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007, at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center, Primal Screen continued with last year's aesthetic, creating a spot featuring oversized cutouts of celebrity heads spliced onto tiny bodies as the stars make their way to the SAG Awards ceremony. Set to the SAG tweaked theme of 70's blaxploitation film SHAFT, A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, the cast of LOST and many others greet the paparazzi, act out scenes from their respective series and cast votes for their peers.

Sundance credits include:Art director: Rick NewcombDesigner: Ben PriskAnimation director: Ward JenkinsAnimators: Joe Kubesheski, Jeremy Seymour, Joanna Davidovich Animation assistant: Teresa CloudTechnical specialists: Nate Foster, Brandon BentleyProducer: Hunter MathesonExec producer: Susan ShipskyCreative director: Doug Grimmett

SAG Awards credits include: Creative director: Doug Grimmett Art director: Rob SheppsIllustration: Reese Lloyd Studio director: Teresa Cloud Producer: Hunter Matheson Exec producer: Susan Shipsky

Started in 1995, Primal Screen ( creates broadcast design, show titles, animation, and sound design. The thirty-plus animators, illustrators and designers at Primal Screen make distinctive branded content for a wide range of clients in television, film and advertising.

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