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Pre·Duk'shen & Digital Domain Pump Gators Into Lubriderm Ad

Hollywood-based pre·duk'shen has completed a new 30-second spot for Lubriderm. The commercial, directed by Eric Heimbold, features an alligator swimming in a spa. Conceived by ad agency J. Walter Thompson, New York, the commercial employs the reptilian character to make the point that Lubriderm will "leave you with firmer, healthier looking skin." "Workout" opens in a trendy health spa with a line of women lifting weights. Straddling the end mat is an alligator pumping a dumbbell. The beast is later treated to a Swedish massage and then hits the treadmill. The 3D alligator was produced by Digital Domain and grafted into the live-action scenes shot by Heimbold. Heimbold said, "We planned the effects shots very carefully before the shoot, so when we got to the stage, it was relatively simple to execute. We used models and shot multiple passes, but otherwise it was like an ordinary shoot." Heimbold filmed the live-action sequences in Prague with an international cast and crew that included cinematographer Brendan Galvin (FAR AND AWAY).

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