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Powerhouse Studios Announces Jay Elliot As CEO

PowerHouse Studios, Inc., a group of affiliated companies in the technology, entertainment, game, healthcare and education industries, has appointed Jay Elliot as CEO. Elliot will be responsible for overseeing the entire PowerHouse operation from its headquarters in Los Angeles. As a member of PowerHouse's Board of Directors, Elliot has recently overseen the acquisition of Agate Technologies, Inc. as well as entertainment development partnerships with Bluetorch Media, Nuvo Studios and Thrilling Entertainment. Formerly COO at Apple Computer and a director at IBM and Intel, Elliot most recently headed Acclaim Entertainment, San Francisco Studios and Golden Gate Productions. Under newly appointed CEO Elliot, PowerHouse intends to move toward the PC and mobile gaming industry. Among PowerHouse's affiliated companies are mobile game developer Nuvo Studios located in San Francisco, Shanghai, China's Morpheus Animation, Inc. and Chennai, India's Super Sakthi Animation, the new corporate identity of Til Studios Ltd., which was established in 2000 from core artists and animators from India's Pentamedia.

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