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POW! Procures Exclusive Rights to the 'Stan Lee' Name and Brand

POW! Ent. has announced that it has acquired the exclusive rights and ownership in perpetuity to the name "Stan Lee," his likeness, brand and signature slogans "Stan Lee Presents," "Excelsior" and "Stan's Soap Box." POW! also acquired most of the intellectual properties created by Stan Lee during the period beginning after his tenure as Marvel's cco, editor in chief and publisher and predate POW! Ent. The rights are in addition to new properties that are being developed by Stan Lee for other major entertainment conglomerates on behalf of POW! Ent.

The agreements gave POW! Ent. the rights to license and receive royalties from Stan Lee's future and more recent creations that have been emerging in voluminous quantities since Stan Lee's negotiated release from Marvel. Marvel retains the exclusive rights to his former co-creations like SPIDER-MAN, THE HULK, DAREDEVIL, X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR and other Stan Lee originals while at Marvel.

Stan Lee says, "Over the years, I fortunately managed to maintain the rights to my name and other signature slogans that I have developed. I am ever so pleased POW! Ent. is both the custodian and manager of my current and future works. POW! not only has a strong business management team but also has maintained a creative artistic element among its officers and directors."

POW!'s president, Gill Champion, says, "Although it is impossible to put a definitive number to the valuation of the 'Stan Lee' brand, we feel this truly is one of the most valuable assets an entertainment company could have in its portfolio. I equate it to the likes of owning the rights to the name and marks of Walt Disney or Warner Bros. Stan Lee has become a literary legend and his creative talents have produced some of the most successful franchises of all time. His name and marks are part and parcel to our culture and it is with great honor that we have added this treasure of good will to our portfolio and consolidated the Stan Lee Brand under POW!'s ownership. Inclusive of all Stan Lee's Future Projects this acquisition includes rights to the licensing royalties in Stan Lee's most current works with many of them already in various stages of development. It is my opinion, from what I have observed the best of Stan Lee is yet to come. It is POW! Ent.'s intention in the months, years and decades to come, to introduce to the world a plethora of perhaps the most unforgettable Stan Lee character franchises of all time."

Arthur M. Lieberman, Esq., chief business affairs/director of POW! Ent., states, "From my years advising and working with top entertainment companies, I believe that the core foundation for any entertainment company should be firmly grounded in the ownership or control of top rate intellectual properties. The granting of the rights to the Stan Lee brands to POW! Ent., in my opinion gives the company an unprecedented foothold into the upper echelons of entertainment's elite as well as a firm advantage over competitors. Stan Lee has created many of the most successful contemporary intellectual properties known throughout the world today and his fan base extends globally and numbers the millions. We are sincerely appreciative of Stan Lee's contributions to the company and the public has so much to look forward to as 'Stan Lee Presents' his new Superheroes and heroines through POW! Ent."

POW! (Purveyors of Wonder) Ent. Inc. was founded by world famous comicbook icon Stan Lee, together with Champion and Lieberman. POW's principals, combined, have more than a hundred years experience creating, producing and licensing original intellectual properties. POW! will specialize in franchises for the entertainment industry, including animation and live-action feature films, plus television, DVDs, videogames, merchandising, and related ancillary markets, all of which aid in the establishment of global franchises. POW! partners with studios and networks in creating new and exciting characters that will perpetuate the brands of both POW! and Stan Lee. In some cases, POW! creates "custom-tailored" properties for a specific star or director.

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