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PostWorks Engulfs Two Firms & 50% Of A Third

Post-production company PostWorks New York has made a major move, acquiring all of Tapehouse companies, including Tapehouse Editorial, Tapehouse Digital Film, Tapehouse Broadband, Black Logic and The Anx, as well as all of SMA Realtime and 50% of audio post house Caterini Studios. With the acquisition, PostWorks will be equipped to handle every aspect of digital or film post-production for both short-form and long-form television, film and multimedia projects. The new conglomerate will feature a network of computer servers that will allow client's projects to move quickly among the company's artists.

"In an age of shifting formats and technology our goal is to provide a safe haven for producers to realize their projects," said Billy Baldwin, PostWorks ceo. "We are taking the best parts of these companies and bringing them forward into a new era of post-production that will surpass client's expectations and focus on service, not just services."

The larger company will be completely housed in a 50,000-square-foot office space in Manhattan's SoHo district, with the exception of The Anx, which will remain in its current downtown Manhattan location. PostWorks will be able to offer clients 25 Avid offline edit suites; 2 Discreet Inferno compositing suites; numerous Flame, Smoke and Maya 3D workstations; 2 Spirit Datacines with Pogle MegDefs for color correction; 1 Quantel iQ and Sony equipped HD linear bay; 1 Millenium Machine; 1 da Vinci 2K; 2 Avid DS HD suites; 6 ProTools mixing suites; a live-recording room; a LaserGraphics film recorder; an Arri-Laser film recorder; a Teranex standards converter, allowing finishing in numerous HD formats including HD D5, HDCAM and D6; and a HD screening room.

Tapehouse director of HD/data services Tim Spitzer will serve as the new company's vp of operations. Other talent moving over to the new firm will include Todd Ruff, director of graphics; senior editor Peter Heady; Henry artist Jay Tillin; sr visual effects designer/supervisor Brian Benson; broadband manager Scott Ettin; CG artists Doug Johnson and Kuan Lin; and colorists John Crowley, Eric Alvarado, Alex Berman, Scott Olive and Sam Daley. Their current projects include Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN II, John Sayles' CASA DE LAS BABYS, HBO's THE WIRE, TNN's CRASH TEST and Showtime's JUST ANOTHER STORY.