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Postman Pat Is Delivering Once Again

In a deal with Entertainment Rights, U.K. broadcaster CBBC has commissioned 26 x 15-minute episodes and 4 half-hour direct-to-video specials of the classic kids' show POSTMAN PAT. Since its original creation in 1981, POSTMAN PAT has been a regular series on CBBC as well as having been seen in over 60 countries over the past 20 years. The new episodes will introduce the first new character in nearly a decade -- train station attendant Mr. Bain, who is of Indian origin. Both Cosgrove Hall, who has been commissioned to create the new stop-motion episodes, and Entertainment Rights, assure fans the show will remain true to its roots. John Cunliffe, the original storywriter of the POSTMAN PAT series and books, is creatively involved with the new production. The new series is scheduled to air in 2004, and will go into production in March 2003. The first video special is schedule to be released in fall 2003.

Cosgrove Hall, home to DANGERMOUSE, DUCKULA and ALBIE, is one of Europe's largest and most prolific animation studios. As it celebrates its silver anniversary, Andrew Osmond asks how the company is facing the next quarter-century.