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Post Logic Studios Expands Film and TV Restoration Services

Post-production facility Post Logic Studios, a division of Prime Focus Group, have expanded their film and television restoration services. The company has been managing restoration work for titles such as HONDO and THE RULES OF THE GAME from their Hollywood facility, and has more than tripled its capacity for restoration work through its relationship with Prime Focus in Goa, India. Restoration projects are still managed and completed at Post Logic in Hollywood, however clients now have the cost-effective option of having film clean-up handled in India.

"The front and back end of restoration projects-film scanning and color correction are always completed locally here in Hollywood. However, we can now also tap a team of incredibly talented artists in Goa, India for cleanup work, all managed by the same sales and production team our clients are used to working with stateside," said Larry Birstock, CEO, Post Logic Studios. "This global pipeline is very cost effective and the quality of the work is impeccable with output files optimized for anything from theatrical to Blu-ray release."

Post Logic Studios restoration projects are overseen by Sci-Tech Academy Award-winning engineers Mitch Bogdanowicz and Denis Leconte who helm the company's image science division. Leconte has developed a proprietary digital YCM process to make verification of restored content more streamlined and cost effective for Post Logic clients. Both the Post Logic and the 350-person team in Goa, India have restoration pipelines built around MTI Film systems for image processing.

Typical restoration workflows begin with film scanning, processing of HD masters or assessment of digitally acquired files utilizing Post Logic's TQA (total quality assurance) and workflow management. The files are then sent to India for clean up and preservation, and come back to Post Logic Studios in Hollywood for final color correction and output as a 2K or 4K data file. Recent restoration titles that have tapped the team in Goa include CHAPLIN for Lionsgate and TAI CHI MASTERS, SUPER COP, ENFORCER and LEGEND for The Weinstein Co.