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Post Graduate animation available at the University of the West of England

The six month Bristol Animation Course is now available at the University of the West of England, Bristol. It is supported by several animation studios in the region, including Aardman Animations. The course aims to train animators in the craft skills of character and performance animation, enabling them to work in a professional animation studio. The course delivers a Post Graduate Certificate in Extension Studies. According to UWE, 85% of past students have been employed in the industry. There are five places for 2D and five for model animation. The course is divided into three eight week modules: Module 1: exercises in basic principles of animation; Module 2; projects set by partner studios; Module 3- work placements at partner studios.

Starting this October, UWE will also be running a 3 month course incorporating Module 1 of the 6 month course.

According to Aardman's co-founder Peter Lord, "The Bristol Animation Course at UWE is providing one of the best environments for the teaching of animation currently available in Britain. Day to day its emphasis is firmly on the craft of animation - providing a solid practical base which means that the animators are actually trained when they emerge. But the UWE course isn't simply producing drones for the industry: the spirit of the course also encourages independent, thinking film-makers and creative performers of animation."

For information and application forms please contact: 117 976 2640.

Complete contact information for UWE can be found in AWN's Animation School Database.