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Post-Apocalyptic Sky Enhances B.I.O.-Bugs Campaign

Creative Bubble has completed a four spot campaign for Wow Wee, a divison of Hasbro, Inc. by way of ad agency Posnick & Kolcker (NY). The spots all feature B.I.O.-(Bio-mechanical Integrated Organism) Bugs, Wow Wees new "artificial-intelligence" toy. "When Posnick & Kolcker called, they knew what they wanted," says Doug Dimon, senior effects artist at Creative Bubble. "First, they wanted a truly threatening sky. Second, they wanted two product shots to emphasize the dual mechanical-organic nature of these bugs. In all, we wound up working on four spots, each of which had two versions." Wasting no time, Dimon and the Creative Bubble team looked to the sky. "The client and agency wanted a red-cast, tumultuous, sort of nuclear-looking sky," said Dimon. "They wanted it realistic, but not as if it had been shot under normal, stormy conditions. Using Flame, I took one clip of time-lapse footage of a storm cloud and three clips of a 'cloud chamber.' The look is a sort of rolling, billowing, heavy cloud cover. I layered them together and added actual lighting effects to create little flashes and shadows. Since the B.I.O.-Bugs and their environment were taped against a greenscreen, there was limited depth of field so we created a feeling of depth that appears to stretch back to the horizon, and added lightning." Every scene required a composite, according to Dimon, leading Creative Bubble to take the step of completing and conforming the spots exclusively in Flame.