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Polygon Pictures Teams with Silver Ant on 'Transformers Prime'

Polygon Pictures forms a partnership with Malaysia's Silver Ant to establish a new joint venture, Silver Ant PPI.

Tokyo, Japan -- Polygon Pictures, Inc. (PPI) announced that it has formed a partnership with Malaysia's Silver Ant to establish a new joint venture. The new company, Silver Ant PPI, will be based in Malaysia, and will begin production on season three of Emmy Award-winning animated series Transformers Prime.

“One of the first goals for Silver Ant PPI will be to cultivate a rich network in the area through recruiting initiatives with local universities; we will then dispatch top PPI staff to further develop the artists’ skills on-site,” said the company in a statement. “Systems will be shared with the main Tokyo studio, allowing us to build a streamlined management framework to produce high-quality work in a smooth, efficient manner. Silver Ant is a well-respected studio whose original CG film SeeFooD has been distributed in over ninety countries. We are confident that this alliance will help breathe new life into Japan’s digital content industry, while serving as a base from which to expand our licensing business throughout Asia.

“As we develop our business presence on the global stage, PPI will continue to uphold our mission to ‘do what no other has done, in unparalleled quality, for all the world to see and enjoy.’ By standing at the forefront of digital animation production, we strive to ensure the continued growth of Japan’s digital content industry.”

Source: Polygon Pictures Inc.