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'Politicats' Lands on Shut Up! Cartoons

A new animated series, “Politicats,” debuts on SMOSH’s Shut Up! Cartoons.

The political season is heating up as President Black Cat battles it out against Mittens 2.0 and the nefarious Fancy Feast Council on Politicats, the newest series to debut on SMOSH’s Shut Up! Cartoons channel on YouTube.

Produced by Sunnyboy Entertainment, the series debuted on Shut Up! Cartoons earlier this month to over 250,000 views.

Check out Episode 3, in which President Black Cat makes some policy decisions with the help of his dice:

Ninja Assassin Cats, Giant Golden Buddha Cats, Mars Cats, giant cat sucking vacuums, time-traveling cat boxes, and much, much more will be put on the table, as these Politcats scratch their way to the top in a new episode every Tuesday on Shut Up! Cartoons.

Source: Sunnyboy Entertainment

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