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pmG Launches New Website

pmG (project:messiah Group), the producers of the award-winning project:messiah 3D animation package, have recently revamped the company Website. The re-launch expands greatly on the previous version, adding strong news and informational components, a library of 25 easy to download MPEG-1 sample animations and promotes and sells online the company's full line of products, including project:messiah 1.5, the messiah:studio suite, messiah:animate and messiah:render. The new site was created by pmG partners Lyle Milton, Dan Milling and Fori Owurowa along with technical director Fred Tepper, and it provides new and prospective customers with an overview of project:messiah's features, tools and real-time character animation capabilities. For those who already own the software, the site offers the latest downloadable upgrade, project:messiah 1.5.7, bug fixes, a tongue in cheek FAQ and personalized technical support. The new site can be seen at

After amassing rave reviews and hit projects in just one year, it is time to visit the project:messiah Group, creators of 3D animation's newest leading software package.

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