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pmG Announces project:messiah For Itanium

pmG (project:messiah Group) announced earlier this month that they have been invited by Intel to be one of twelve leading digital content creators and software developers to demonstrate products designed for the upcoming Itanium processor. The young company (started in January 2000) has already made a big impact on the industry. To be approached by Intel along with companies like Discreet, Avid|SOFTIMAGE, and NewTek in such a short time, is rather impressive. The new Itanium processor should begin deployment in late 2000 or early 2001, just as pmG previews its new messiah:studio package, consisting of the messiah:animate 3.0 standalone 3D animation package and messiah:render, the company's new global illumination and radiosity renderer, with enhanced surfacing tools. Lyle Milton from pmG commented that, "Itanium is the platform of the future. It fits pmGs long-range goals to not only offer messiah for it, but also to take full advantage of everything Itanium has to offer."

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