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PlayStation Makes A Cameo In New Wyclef Video

PlayStation 3, PSP and hit game title, BURNOUT PARADISE have been integrated into FAST CAR, the new music video from Grammy-winning Sony BMG artist Wyclef Jean.

BURNOUT is from Criterion Games, an Electronic Arts studio.

In this unique integration, Jean and the video's other characters utilize the PlayStation platforms to drive the video's storyline, as they interact in a surreal world brought to life with footage from BURNOUT PARADISE. The video will be available for download on PlayStation Store beginning on March 27 for a limited time.

"As an artist, Wyclef Jean is a great match for the PlayStation brand, and SCEA is excited about working with him on this music video because it showcases our platforms in an organic way that's relevant to our audience," said Peter Dille, senior vice president, marketing for PlayStation Network, SCEA. "We're also looking forward to giving our PlayStation Network members the opportunity to download the video in high-definition, which expands the entertainment content offering on PlayStation Store."

"EA has always been a pioneer in integrating our videogames into other forms of media," stated Steve Schnur, worldwide executive of music for Electronic Arts. "Sony BMG has been a terrific partner in that process, and Wyclef Jean has always been an artist who is truly excited about videogames. The result is a very cool, creative collaboration that has produced a groundbreaking music video."

"To see Clef's idea come to life in this innovative marriage of technology and music is a real treat," said Mark DiDia of Columbia Records.

FAST CAR, which features Paul Simon as a guest vocalist, is the second single from Jean's latest hit album, CARNIVAL VOL. II: MEMOIRS OF AN IMMIGRANT. The FAST CAR video picks up where Jean left off in the video for the chart-topping SWEETEST GIRL. The story starts with the multi-platinum artist receiving a message on his PSP system, pointing him to his next mission.

From there, Jean accesses his PS3 system to enter the open world racing of BURNOUT PARADISE, which serves as the video's visual backdrop. BURNOUT PARADISE is built to provide the ultimate in freedom and discovery online and offline, where players are able to create their own personal driving experience. The PlayStation Eye camera also makes a cameo appearance in the video.

"When you're on tour, you have plenty of time, and every artist I know spends time on a tour bus with two things: PlayStation and the recording studio," Jean said. "FAST CAR is like life -- the pace of life is moving so fast, where you can burn yourselves out at times. The concept was about taking a song with such meaning and combining it with technology, but still keeping the essence of what we're talking about and getting kids to listen to that message. A game like BURNOUT PARADISE helps us get the attention of youngsters."

Jean directed and wrote the concept for the FAST CAR video with collaboration from Leopoldo Gout of Curious Films.

For a limited time beginning on March 27, PS3 owners will be able to download the video in high-definition from the PlayStation Store, and PSP owners will be able to download the video via a PC from In addition to offering the FAST CAR video, PlayStation Store, will also have special behind-the-scenes videos featuring an interview with Jean available for PS3 owners to download.

BURNOUT PARADISE is now available worldwide and has been rated E10+ by the ESRB and 3+ by PEGI.

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