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PLAY Launches Live-Action Production Division

PLAY, the award-winning creative on-air editorial house dedicated to the craft of creating promos, has launched a live-action production division.

Press Release from PLAY

Hollywood: PLAY, the award-winning creative on-air editorial house dedicated to the craft of creating promos, has launched a live-action production division. Michael Victor, founder of the five-year old Hollywood-based company, has added full-blown creative shoot capabilities tailored to provide networks working with very limited promos budgets (that traditionally dictate a design/FX-driven approach) with an affordable alternative that takes their spots to the next level.

 Known for its bold artistic aesthetic and seamless integration of creative, graphics, editorial, music, audio and HD finishing services, PLAY has established itself as the go-to company for clients looking for a strong, cost-effective approach and award-winning talent skilled at creating innovative concepts and taking them through completion.

“Over the years PLAY has evolved from a small creative editorial shop to a full blown promo house with the addition of high-end design, with full HD graphics, audio mixing and finishing. And for the vast majority of promo work, this range of services encompassed all the elements they require – partly due to the misconception that live-action production would be cost prohibitive,” notes Victor. “PLAY is all about creativity without boundaries, so it was clear that incorporating an economical approach to production into our roster of services was the next logical step in our growth.”

“The response has been extremely enthusiastic,” adds Victor. “Clients are amazed that we can provide them with a live-action shoot that fits into their promo budgets – and are coming to us with inspired briefs that incorporate production elements that they would have never considered before seeing first how we make it work.”

PLAY has been in growth mode almost from the month it opened its doors. Victor’s commitment to handpicking innovative crossover talent with diverse skills has enabled the firm to integrate new services seamlessly as it has expanded.

“We thrive on the process of working as a collaborative team and being creative partners with our clients. All of us are vested in each project that comes through our doors - and committed to making every one the best it can be,” says Victor. “Now, with live-action production added to the mix, we are able to take our creative vision into a whole new realm – and we’re turning out promos that exceed their highest expectations.”

This year PLAY took home a Gold PROMAX in the “Best On Screen Services Promotion" category for “October Barker,” a 60-second spot for FEARnet, as well as a nomination for "Twilight Zone Marathon," their 30-second graphic novel style promo for Syfy Network in ”Best Stunt Promotion: On-Air.” For Michael Victor the recognition confirmed that he was on the right track, and prompted him to move forward with the company’s expansion into the production arena.

“While our mission and passion remain the same, we have evolved into a unique creative consortium of innovative and intrepid talent from every discipline. We all share this compulsive need to keep out-doing ourselves, and maintain our track record for wowing each client we work with. Challenging ourselves by raising the bar and coming up with newer and bolder creative solutions that push the envelope is our ideal of PLAY.”

ABOUT PLAY:PLAY is a one-stop creative promo house driven by a multi-talented collaborative team committed to bringing its fresh ideas to life with bold work that engages its target audience and heightens their connection to on-air programming.

Our Hollywood-based company specializes in crafting broadcast promos, teasers, trailers, launch campaigns, image spots, intros, opens and sizzle reels. The recent addition of live-action production capabilities to our creative, design, FX, editorial, music, audio and HD finishing capabilities provide clients with a cost-effective and seamless concept-to-completion approach.

Our client roster includes E! Entertainment Television, Warner Bros. Television, Syfy, FX, ABC, FEARnet, USA Network’s new “Sleuth” network, and many others. To see our work visit our website at, or contact executive producer Michael Victor at 323.469.3500.

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