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Pixologic Announces ZBrush 2

Pixologic Inc. has announced the upcoming release of ZBrush 2, the newest version of its award-winning 2D/3D digital-art creation software, on March 31, 2004. Modeling, texturing and painting features have all benefited from code enhancements and new tools and options provide even more versatility in all areas. Medium- to high-resolution models respond instantly to sculpting actions, constantly rendered and shaded in realtime.

ZBrush 2 has been previewed and developed in close association with industry-leading special effects houses, game developers and artists worldwide. Matt Aitken, digital models supervisor at Weta Digital commented, "The revolutionary nature of ZBrush leads to Weta Digital creating a new approach to modeling hero creatures, digital doubles and props... the software has the necessary flexibility to work in a production environment with changes to art direction and the level of detail required."

Highlights include:

* Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing: Models can be edited in multiple mesh-resolution levels, enabling artists to add low- or high-frequency details on the appropriate level, while ZBrush transfers the changes to other levels.

* Displacement and Normal Maps: Building upon the Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing functionality, detailed maps can be generated for low-resolution base meshes.

* Visibility Controls: Portions of any mesh can be hidden, offering numerous advantages. Artists can concentrate on areas of interest, and use selective hiding to add edge loops and other mesh-enhancement features.

* New Sculpting Brushes: Nine new sculpting brushes provide new ways of adding detail to meshes of any resolution.

* Displacement Projections: Using depth-enabled paintbrushes and tools, mesh displacements can be applied by brushing them onto the surface of an object.

Version 1.55b is currently available for $399 and can be purchased online from the e-store at This price will remain in effect until the release of version 2, at which point the price will increase to $489. All registered users of the current version, including those who purchase before the release of version 2 will receive the new version as a free upgrade. ZBrush 2 will be initially available for Windows platforms; ZBrush 2 for Macintosh is nearing the end of its development phase.

Founded in 1997, Pixologic Inc. ( develops and markets software tools for digital artists. The privately funded company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with R&D located in Silicon Valley.

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