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Pixilogic Releases ZBrush 4R3

Pixilogic announced the release of ZBrush 4R3 for both Windows & Mac.

Announcement from Pixilogic:

Pixilogic announced the release of ZBrush 4R3 for both Windows & Mac. ZBrush 4R3 not only implements various enhancements and polish to existing features, it also introduces major new features to dramatically expand your artistic possibilities.

ZBrush 4R3 is a free upgrade to all registered users and the patch can be downloaded at the Pixologic Download Center. If you are not currently a registered user, you can purchase ZBrush at our Online Store.

Here are some of the main features available with ZBrush 4R3:

Vector Displacement Maps

Take rendering even further using the power of ZBrush with Vector Displacement Maps. You'll benefit from the ability to displace the surface in any direction, including undercuts. That's just the start. You can export sculpted details from your ZBrush models to other 3rd party applications and make use of file types like, .tiff (16-32bit) and .exr (32bit). ZBrush comes fully equipped to handle both 16bit and 32bit displacement map output. It's just another way that ZBrush works to fit your needs.

FiberMesh Applying Textures to Fields: Applying textures to Fibers joins the mix of already great features, and functionality available inside ZBrush. Manipulate, and customize your Fibers to achieve extraordinary results. Benefit from total control, and witness the power of creative freedom. 

Fiber Presets: Fully customizable, and tailored to suit your design needs, Fiber Presets will provide you with an unparalleled level of design flexibility. Build a personal library of custom presets, and enjoy the freedom of having full control over a vast collection of resources built by you. 

Exporting Guides for Fibers: Export guides for your Fibers. With ZBrush, exporting industry standard file types like, .ma (ASCII), .lwo, .lxo, .obj, and .fmg is nothing more than a click of a button away. Enjoy seamless integration of ZBrush throughout your workflow.


The NoiseMaker plugin will allow you to accurately create 3D noise with a wide variety of parametric generators. Take the surface detail of your models further with camouflage, scales, hex tiles and more inside this powerful enhancement. Use NoiseMaker to affect sculptural changes too. When using NoiseMaker in conjunction with features like masking and alphas, the possibilities are endless. Load images to be applied as alphas inside the surface noise maker preview window. Gain an unparalleled level of refinement, and generate surface texture in a fraction of the time.

Moving around inside the NoiseMaker window is simple. NoiseMaker features ZBrush navigation, a larger preview window and new masking capabilities to provide multiple scaling options for your noise. This means you can dynamically create ranges in size and directionality, with respect to how your noise is applied to your models.

By using interpolated masking per polygon for an accurate display of noise even on lower polygon meshes, the NoiseMaker plugin is sure to meet your creative demands at each level of the design process.

With the ability to export fibers as vector displacement maps, you'll be taking advantage of proprietary technology only available inside ZBrush. It's all a part of the drive to create the strongest artistic toolset available. Step into the future of digital art.

MicroMesh Once you create FiberMesh and MicroMesh details, you can render your image using the BPR rendering system. ZBrush makes using the MicroMesh and FiberMesh features even more rewarding by converting your BPR render information, generated with MicroMesh and FiberMesh, to real geometry. A full description of the features included in ZBrush 4R3 can be found at Visit the Top Row Gallery at ZBrushCentral to see some of the amazing artwork made with the most recent versions of ZBrush.

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