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Pixar's Nemo Swims Into Release

FINDING NEMO, the latest computer-animated feature from pioneering Pixar Animation Studios, opened nationwide May 30, 2003 armed with blockbuster intentions and Oscar ambitions. The well-reviewed underwater comedy/adventure about father and son clown fish, boasts the voice talents of stars Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Willem Dafoe. It marks the fifth collaboration between Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures, who, as everyone knows, may part ways in 2005, and the first time they've dived into the summer fray.

Longtime Pixar screenwriting staple Andrew Stanton goes behind the virtual camera for the first time as director to tell a very personal tale about child abduction and the fears of fatherhood. The Emeryville, California-based studio pushes the technology envelope once more with ground-breaking CGI, including a new suite of proprietary tools to handle the surge and swell of the ocean and character articulation for a multitude of fish.