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Pixar Storyboard Artist Dies at Age 27

Several blog sites are reporting that Justin Wright, who had been with Pixar in the story department for just more than a year, has died at age 27 from a heart attack.

His Pacific Union College alumni profile details Wright's journey to Pixar and his ultimately life-ending struggle with heart problems on Tuesday evening.

While in the hospital revering from a heart transplant at age 12, Wright drew pictures, something his doctor at Stanford's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital took note of, and took him on a Pixar tour.

"Justin, who has worked at Pixar for a little over a year, is one of those types who loves his job so much he's afraid to talk about it too much, scared of touting his good fortune too loudly. 'People might get mad at me if they knew how good we have it here,' he says. 'Massages, a gym -- all that is true,'" it reads on the online profile.

Wright's credits at Pixar include the 2D line drawings shown during the credits of RATATOUILLE. He was also working on a new short that will be released with WALL*E this year.

Read more about Wright from his friends and co-workers: