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Pixar, Lasseter Sign Ten Year Deal

Pixar executive vice president and two-time Oscar-winning director John Lasseter has signed a ten year contract to provide his services exclusively to the studio. "John Lasseter, more than anyone else, has shaped Pixar into the world-class animation studio it is today. With John leading our creative team for the next decade, our dream of nurturing a golden age of animation at Pixar may come true," said Pixar CEO Steve Jobs. Lasseter, currently in development on his fourth feature film, has directed the studios previous three animated features -- TOY STORY (1995), A BUG'S LIFE (1998) and TOY STORY 2 (1999) -- whose combined worldwide box office receipts total over $1.2 billion to date. The studios next feature, MONSTERS, INC. is scheduled for a November 2, 2001 release. "It's the dream of every animator and storyteller to help build a studio from scratch that embraces the creative values we hold dear," said Lasseter. "I love working with all of the other incredibly talented people at our studio. A place like Pixar doesn't happen often, and I feel like one of the luckiest guys on earth."

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