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Pirates of the Caribbean Sets Sail on Blu-ray

This week the fledgling Blu-ray Disc high-def format got a tremendous boost with the release of the first two PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN blockbusters: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL and DEAD MAN'S CHEST (Buena Vista Home Ent., $34.99).

Each two-disc set contains a total of 75GB in Blu-ray. The HD (1080p resolution) picture offers a cleaner, sharper, more colorful and more dynamic experience (better showcasing ILM's Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning vfx).

For the first time, a CG animated host has been created exclusively for PIRATES to guide viewers through the Blu-ray experience, with the devilish Jolly Roger host: a "living," talking skull and crossbones, which stares you down with cold, empty eye sockets.

An exclusive Blu-ray bonus features on CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL is "Scoundrels of the Seas: Piecing Together the Treasured Past of Pirates." This BD-Java interactive feature (developed and produced by Disney and programmed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory), allows you to build your own custom documentary about the lore and legends of real life pirates from 33 pop-up factoids that you "bank" until ready for viewing.

Meanwhile, the Blu-ray exclusive on DEAD MAN'S CHEST is "Liar's Dice," a game with BD-Java technology that takes you face-to-face with pirates that has been built with randomization utilizing AI, which is new to DVD, allowing a multitude of game play results.

Inspired by the famous scene between Will Turner, Bootstrap Bill and Davy Jones, it's your turn to challenge the pirates in a dice game to try and save your soul.