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Pirate School To Set Sail At Mip-TV 2002

Santa Barbara-based Foothill Entertainment, Inc. and BRB Internacional of Spain have inked a deal to develop, produce and distribute the series PIRATE SCHOOL. Production on the 26 x half-hour series is due to start mid 2002, with delivery commencing from September 2003. The 2D animated series will air on CBBC in the UK, which has an option to order a further 26 episodes. Based on British author Colin McNaughton's CAPTAIN ABDUL'S PIRATE SCHOOL viewers can expect plenty of "arrgh's" and "avast ye's" as the students attending Pirate School learn that cheating is encouraged and midnight feasts are mandatory. The animated series targets 7-9 year-olds. A pre-sale has already been signed with ABC Australia, and Foothill and BRB will be at MIP-TV 2002 looking to secure an additional major co-production partner and to lock down further international pre-sales. Foothill will be distributing the series in the English-speaking world with BRB handling other international rights.