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Pioneer Seeking Feedback On New HD Technology

When it comes to televisions, black is everything. Black is the canvas. Black is the foundation. Additional shades, more depth and sharp details are all a direct result of deeper black levels. A true black breathes life into color and forever changes the way one experiences television. Black is at the very heart of what the KURO Loft is all about.

From the ground up, Pioneer has redesigned its plasma displays to evoke an emotional entertainment experience like never before. Pioneer's engineers dedicated themselves to creating a revolutionary display that reproduces an artist's vision and creates an immersive, experiential and emotionally-powerful television experience.

Pioneer's KURO Loft was built as a premium HD test lab where Hollywood's creative professionals could test any type of digital content on the latest HD technology. Pioneer's objective is to understand the role of quality video and audio in creating emotional entertainment experiences.

To accomplish this, Pioneer has been inviting movie and video game professionals -- from cinematographers to video game artists -- to get feedback on the importance of black levels and vibrant colors in effectively carrying out their artistic visions. Pioneer will continue to gather feedback at the Loft until August.

Go to to see the short montage video that features some of this feedback.

Graphic designer John Georgopoulos -- who has worked on the DVD menus for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise and GREY'S ANATOMY: Season One -- visited the KURO Loft where he provided his thoughts on the importance of black and color in his creative process. This link shows John’s feedback:

This kind of input has made Pioneer realize how close engineers are to bringing the artist's original vision into the home and, in some cases, even surpassing the cinema experience.

Pioneer's ultimate goal is to learn as much as they can in order to fine-tune their own technology, so that their products produce experiences that replicate the artistic intentions of Hollywood's creative professionals.

The loft itself is Old Hollywood meets new HDTV technology at the historic Broadway Building at Hollywood and Vine. Long Beach-based Pioneer Electronics transformed an 1,800 square foot loft into any creative professional's dream. The mission behind the KURO Loft is to understand the role that quality video and audio, in particular deep black and vivid colors, play in the artistic vision of Hollywood's modern masters, defined as those who work with digital content to create immersive entertainment.

The KURO Loft consists of a TV Taste Test, with six of the best competitive flat panel HDTVs on the market today, and the Ultimate KURO Living Room. With ten total televisions, the KURO Loft is designed to provide creative Hollywood professionals with the ideal playground, enabling them to bring any form of content to test, or alternatively, enjoy HD cable programming, video games and Blu-ray entertainment.

The first experience, the TV Taste Test, allows professionals to view their preferred content simultaneously on the best televisions so they can explore the differences in black, color and detail. The second setting, the Ultimate KURO Living Room, consists of Pioneer's Elite 60-inch display with top-of-the-line speakers, allowing the viewer to engage emotionally with their content via the best audio and video products. Open only to entertainment professionals, it can be reserved for small events upon request.

The KURO Loft's open floor plan, natural light and exposed ceilings all contribute to thedesign, led by Los Angeles-based Thompson + Kravetz Interior Design. The vision for the interior was to create an environment that both exemplifies the technological superiority of the KURO televisions and takes consumers into Pioneer's eye for an unparalleled emotional entertainment experience, literally into the eyeball. The KURO Loft includes a variety of gray and black tones with hints of the circular eye everywhere. The wall of the Ultimate KURO Living Room is covered in black acrylic, extending the look of Pioneer's Urushi-finished plasma frame. The loft is premium and exclusive, designed to deliver seeing and hearing like never before.

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